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Citizen Diplomacy is the idea that individuals have the right and responsibility to help shape U.S. foreign relations through person-to-person interactions with citizens of other countries. Citizen diplomats can be students, teachers, athletes, artists, business people, humanitarians, adventurers, or tourists. We are motivated by a desire to engage with our interconnected world in a meaningful, mutually beneficial dialogue and to help build a more peaceful and prosperous world. WorldChicago is proud to promote this important work in Chicago. Our visitor exchanges and events engage hundreds of Chicagoans in citizen diplomacy each year.

Professional Fellowships

The U.S. Department of State’s Professional Fellows Program connects emerging leaders with government offices, public policy-oriented NGOs, private companies, and university departments for short-term, intensive fellowships designed to broaden their professional expertise. This unique professional development opportunity provides young global leaders with exposure to U.S. government and civil society processes, hands-on research experience, and a platform to learn and share best practices with their American counterparts. Since 2010, WorldChicago has hosted more than 135 Fellows in the program.

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Professional Exchanges

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Youth Leadership Programs

WorldChicago is a local coordinator for U.S. Department of State Youth Leadership Programs for international high school students and adult mentors. These short, yet dynamic programs inspire cross-cultural dialogue, build respect and mutual understanding, and boost civic engagement among young Americans and their international peers. Youth reside with Chicago-area host families for 1–2 weeks during their exchange to get a full immersion into everyday life in America. During the day, groups participate in hands-on workshops, skills training sessions, volunteer activities, and cultural events.

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Create Your Own Exchange

Design your own program! WorldChicago programs expose emerging leaders to Chicago’s industry, culture and history, creating global connectivity and providing expert-driven understanding and learning.

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